One of the primary goals of a 3D model is to check for problems and correct them before they happen.  Issues found in the field are costly and time consuming to fix and can have a negative impact on the overall project.  ShipConstructor Clashes assist designers and reviewers by providing a traceable, database driven method of visually representing Clashes and in resent releases have been improved to better assist in this process.

In this session you will lean how Clashes have been improved to run faster and utilize background processing to support real time workflows. These improved workflows will allow designers to stay in their design space and actively check for clashes and correct them for a more streamlined modeling process. You will also learn how Clashes and Locking work together to allow projects to reach milestones and the configuration can be controlled while letting final updates be made. SSI will also be addressing Clashes and the replacement of Interferences. SSI has long notified users that this change in technology will one day happen, and that day is today. We will address your comments and concerns to make sure this transition is smooth for your organization.



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