Exploring the Product Model Through the Power Part Views
Today’s 3D models are ever increasing in complexity and content giving designers and fabricators access to an unprecedented amount of information. Navigating this information can present a challenge at any stage of the model development process and SSI now provides more robust tools to provide context for modeling and exploration of the overall model.
In this session you will be introduced to the new ways PartViews can be loaded and tailored to the designer’s needs. SSI has introduced new methods of filtering object types such as Equipment or Curved plate and allowing a designer to control what context is being included. There are also new methods to load ParViews that allow a user to access them through on-screen menus, so they do not have to navigate away from their design space.
SSI is also proud to present the Project Explorer, a comprehensive model that can be configured and used organization wide to review and update information. This new product will ensure that all who review the model for their job duties will have access to the most current information.



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