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ExpressMarine Interface to ShipConstructor – giving you a modelling speed revolution!

Rapid conceptual structural design is the hallmark of the ExpressMarine plug-in for Rhino. Using parametrics, ExpressMarine models decks, bulkheads, floors, frames, stiffeners, and cutouts very quickly, with automated updates as parameters change. The location of structure can be specified in various ways, including by linking to a 2D General Arrangement drawing. The result is an unprecedented modelling speed and an associative topology giving you such a high flexibility to adapt to design changes that it almost makes you welcome them.

Now, with the new interface in ExpressMarine Version 3, you can initialize your ShipConstructor project by modelling the vessel’s structure in ExpressMarine and exporting the result to ShipConstructor, saving numerous hours of work. Did we say fast? Early testing shows that by using ExpressMarine to initialize your ShipConstructor model, 300 hours of work can be reduced to just 20!
 Thanks to the ease of integrating with ShipConstructor, we are able provide a seamless experience that combines the benefits of both ExpressMarine and ShipConstructor. The ShipConstructor model appears as if it was modelled in ShipConstructor from scratch, including planar groups, drawings and properties, all ready for you to continue your work and potentially saving you hundreds of hours of manual modelling. Integrating with a shipbuilding specific platform allows us to pass through the industry specific level of information ExpressMarine users require, improving the combined functionality of both solutions.



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